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finally got the stamps for the two i did on Jan 15. they were approved the same day as the other 2 that i had already received but were from a different dealer. Pretty sure the dealer just hadnt bothered to call and tell me they came in. I picked them up on 11/2/21 but the envelope was post marked for 10/03/21 so that tells me its probably just been sitting there and they hadnt felt like messing with it. 295 days start to finish but i dont think these two are an accurate representation of how long the wait is running right now. Needless to say no more nfa items will be purchased from them. All in all though super happy with getting back 4 in the last month. Have two more form 4’s that im waiting on. Theres only 2 more factory cans im planning on getting and I’m gonna order a couple JK Armament kits and form 1 a couple. Hope everybody gets their stamps soon. The wait is brutal but completely worth it.

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