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Jeremiah Harris
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Join Date: 03/22/2021

I’ve been calling every two weeks for a couple months now. Think I should stop. It’s just to damn frustrating. These wait time are crazy that or it’s just mine. Idk if it makes a difference like on the nics checks. But I had a secret clearance when I was in the Army. If I knew it was going to cause so much problems, I would have done whatever to not get one. Because I really didn’t need it, I was a 68W. The only reason we even had to get them was for equipment my unit was evaluating. Anyway, wish never had it. Because 300 days(01/06/21) since purchase and 271(02/08/21) since check cashed is crazy. I’ll never understand how having a clearance causes delays, you would think it’s the other way around.

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