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You should not expect instant gratification from the NFA. You ARE impatient. My first can took just over 180 days and my last one was just shy of 300 days; all on a trust.
Yes, the times are coming down but if you take the time to look over the transfer tracking history you may get a better idea of how long yours may take, with no errors or reasons for the FBI to flag you during a BGI.
The uncalculated, quick view average for the last two months showing on the graph, February and March, take about 120 days to approval. The ones for April are not showing up yet. With luck, you can be the first to report to the graph for April.
Sit back and relax. Looking at the calendar everyday does not speed up the process.

Oh, and the idea of not calling after a certain amount of time is not a good one in my opinion. When the wait times were longer, I would call about the 4 month mark and check to make sure all was chugging along with no errors. There have been stories, yes just stories, of guys who had their dealer neglect to tell them something important like the stamp was approved and sent out months prior and just sitting at the dealer or that paperwork had been returned for errors. Don’t call every week but once in awhile is not a terrible thing, JMO.

I had a co-worker buy the same item, same time as I did for my first suppressor 2.5 years ago. He still doesn’t have his item because he failed to call the ATF to see what was going on. The paperwork never made it, lost in the mail or in the ATF. I kept telling him to call but he had the same attitude many do about slowing others down.

I hope you already stocked up on ammo. Once I started shooting suppressed, I seemed to shoot more.

Have fun when you get your item and be safe and smart with it. Don’t burn your fingers…..

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