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Some things to remember, efile submissions must be less than 3mb. So trust must be compressed to be less than 3mb. You don’t add it at the end, you upload it in line items, just like your photo and 5320.23. Scan your trust, include a last page that lists your trust items, leave it blank. I just bought adobe acrobat, $38 for the year. Allows you to download PDFs, edit, sign, combine files, add photos, compress, etc. Time saving was well worth it. Have trust, photo, 5320.23 and additional configs all saved in one folder. Fill out form, after several submissions it becomes very quick and easy. After submission, check your email on a computer, not your phone and print out fingerprint cover letter, priority mail it with your 2 fingerprint cards. And more importantly once fingerprints are on file at silencer shop, call them and order prints, they will send 2 copies for $15. Order 5 sets and cost is $81. Hope this helps some…

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