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Mark Ethridge Woodward
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The efile Form 1 is so easy to do that there is really no reason to have it done by anyone else, especially with the latest round of “problems” with Silencer Shop submittals. Yes, I’ve heard all the excuses from individuals who used the Silencer Shop flawed Form 1 process: “It’s so easy for me”, “I can’t do my own fingerprints”, “I don’t have time to do it myself”, yada, yada, yada. Those same individuals just got a BIG surprise from SS, but guess what, a large majority of them will STILL go back to SS for Form 1’s should they ever get their shyte straightened out.

If you just ABSOLUTELY have somebody else do this for you, because of whatever lame excuse you come up with next time, Capitol Armory in Cedar Park, TX will handle the process for you CORRECTLY!!!

Unless you’ve got unlimited time to piss off waiting for SS to get their act together, JUST DO IT YOURSELF!!! Contact BATFE for FREE fingerprint cards and Amazon for an inkless fingerprint pad and then just follow the directions EXACTLY. Hell, your kids could do itm what’s your excuse? Oh yeah, I’ve already heard that one…

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