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Mark Ethridge Woodward
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Must have been Jennifer. She’s a VERY nice lady but unfortunately she can only repeat what she’s been told. Examiners are still working from home and completed, approved and stamped Form 4’s are hand collected frome each home bound examiner once a month and then delivered to ATF WV HQ where they are folded , stuffed in a Gubment “Official Use Only” envelope and run through the Gumbent postal meter. Then it is taken to the Post Office in an unknown time frame. That’s why currently approved forms are taking 45-60 days to make it from ATF WV HQ, to the Post Office & finally to you, the lowly tax paying serf. A stamp in hand approved Form 4 is still averaging 10 months, shorter on the approval side because the ATF examiners aren’t together taking long lunches and playing grab ass & longer on the mailing end because the approved forms are only collected once a month at the most & then languish in ATF WV HQ until they can be processed for mailing. Getting a new ink ribbon for the postal meter can take up to a month on it’s own, so I wouldn’t get too excited, exzcept maybe visualizing about what Sweet Jennifer might look like nekkid!!!

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