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Figured it might be worthwhile to chime in here since others are going through the same thing.

Full timeline —
4/10/2019: Check cashed
3/19/2020 (344 days): Form 4 approved
4/20/2020 (376 days): Certified copy requested via email
4/29/2020 (385 days): Follow-up sent to ATF. Told “Being processed.”
5/13/2020 (399 days): Follow-up sent to ATF. Told they “were still waiting on the Original to be imaged.” *exact quote*
5/15/2020 (401 days): At this point I’m fuming. Follow-up sent with the same reply as 5/13. I asked wtf “waiting on the Original to be imaged,” means. Was told they were “having someone look into it.” Roughly 20 minutes later I receive word that they have found my original stamp, and that it would be mailed on Monday (5/15 was a Friday).
5/21/2020 (407 days): Stamp arrives at dealer; post-marked 5/18 just as the contractor told me via email.

TL;DR: Email them (nfafax@atf). They have contractors working through the backlog, and it’s entirely possible your stamp was never mailed.

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