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You are posting in the Form 4 Trust thread. Did you purchase your suppressor in a Trust? If so very few people get approvals betwen 3 and 5 months…for some strange reason only purchases as an individual get approvals that fast. Trusts, before COVID, were pushing10 months and then a week or two before the stamp arrived. During COVID, its now pushing 11 months and the arrival of the stamps are exceeding a month. I am still waiting on a CMMG DefCan 45 that I bought on May 4, 2019. The check was cashed on 05/31/2019. It was approved on 04/15/2020…but still no stamp. I am also waiting on an AAC 7.62 that was purchased on 05/04/2019. The check was cashed on 06/01/2019 and it was approved on March 24, 2020…so I am 6 weeks out from approval and still no stamp. So if you filed as a Trust…you may not want to bother your FFL dealer for a while yet.

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