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Update:01/20/2020, sold both of my YHM QD cans as I finally received an official denial. I actually went through an expungement last year of my non-DV conviction from 1982. My examiner stated that the FBI required the police report from 1982 (which was purged by Portland police after 15 years and unavailable) with the disposition, which was still available in archives. I was told that my expungement paperwork would take time to make its way though the court system, to the Oregon state police database and then maybe, MAYBE the FBI would’ve accepted it per federal statute, but maybe not, still requiring the original police report that shows that I was not charged with a DV crime. Absolutely crazy. I probably should hire a lawyer with the Oregon Firearms Federation or NRA to push my eligibility to continue to buy/own NFA items. It’s not as if the FBI has come knocking on my door to collect the 4 NFA items that they approved several years ago on my trust. I just don’t think I should have to spend my time and money on something that I’m constitutionally protected to own. The craziest part, I’ve been a law enforcement officer for over 24 years here in Oregon. 🤬

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