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Hey all,

Maybe I’m just impatient and the world going mad right now makes the wait worse, but my stamp was approved 3/8/20 and here it is 4/2/20 and still nothing from the dealer. In less than a week it will be over 30 days since approval and while my dealer is closed, they are doing curbside service for ammo sales (eyeroll) but haven’t seemed to find my stamp. They have not been very easy to deal with and I’m not sure that the next step would be if the stamp doesn’t arrive or the timing gets beyond normal. From most posts I see on one to two weeks is usually all it takes. I only live a few hundred miles from the NFA branch so not sure what the holdup is. I know it’s making me crazy that I waited so long since May of last year and approval finally came and now can’t reach out because of all the stuff going on but I feel like 30 plus days is starting to get a little ridiculous.

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