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Both with Unlimited Single Shot Trust from Silencer Shop

Sig Sauer SRD22X Suppressor
Form 4 Trust
Purchased – 12SEP2019
Paperwork Sent – 26SEP2019 (14 Days)
Check Cashed – 09OCT2019 (13 Days)
Approved – 06MAR2020 (149 Days)
Stamp at Dealer – 14MAR2020 (8 Days)
Total Days – 184 Days

Sig Sauer SRD762 Suppressor
Form 4 Trust
Original Purchase – 12SEP2019
Suppressor lost/stolen in mail to dealer
SilencerShop Processed Re-purchase – 09OCT2019
Paperwork Sent – 21OCT2019 (12 Days)
Check Cashed – 31OCT2019 (10 Days)
Stamp Still Pending……….. (160 Days and counting)
****Called today 17MAR2020 and it’s still pending as of 01NOV2019****

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