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Form 1 2 RP Trust. 5 form 1’s applied for.

All submitted on 1/30/20. I got one back on 3/2/20. My other four are not approved. An Examiner stated I put my name as opposed to the Trust name on question #2 of the 5320.23 form. She wanted me to change it and I did/resubmit earlier today.

I’ve always put my name in question #2 and I’m guessing the Examiners always changed it for me. Guess this lady wanted me to do it, which is fine because now I know and know to read the damn directions more closely next time.

Anyone else have to redo their 5320.23 forms? If so, did the Examiner get the updated forms alright? The eform website sucks and I don’t know if I attached the document properly. I crossed off my name, dated and initialed it and wrote my Trust name in. Hopefully that’s good enough.

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