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Fire Cop
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In response to fire cop. If there is an 8 – 10 month wait time again. You would not expect to see a response to a December 2019 filing till August 2020 at the earliest. That’s why November 2019 is blank. Expect the November 2019 to come in about July of 2020. I suspect the ones reported were multiples from one individual as they reportedly still get expedited. The July and August columns from 2019 are still getting added to…implying they are starting to come in now. The chart is not behind, there is just nothing to report. Hope
this helps.

I understand what you are saying, but that is not what I am referring to. The last date listed is November 2019 on the graph. It is showing the receipt date and time. There are no listings for Dec-Feb, even though folks have been receiving their suppressors. If you look in comments, there are numerous reports of people receiving their suppressors in the last sixty days, none of which are showing up on the graph.

You are talking about purchase to receipt date as am I, but the data on this graph is not being supplied by the ATF, it is NFA data. I was just curious as to if the reason for the delay is because not many purchasers are posting to the site and entering their data or if they just like to run it 90 days late

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