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After speaking with my Examiner (Angela Edwards) she told me my Form 4 has been rejected. Something along the lines of I have an open FBI file and that is preventing the BATFE from proceeding. I explained that I have an active Top Secret security clearance and that’s the open file. She didn’t care and said she returned everything to my SOT.


I am in the same boat and it has happened twice. I do not know what to do from here.

Five years ago my ex girlfriend called the cops and said I was hitting her. I did not touch her. They arrested me and I pled guilty to disorderly conduct Class C. (I had a horrible Lawyer this was his recommendation) This has to have something to do with it since I already own 3 suppressors. I am going on two years waiting on stamps and I am out of ideas.

I had the FBI do a back ground check and it says ” arrested for assault family member pleaded down to disorderly class C. $500 fine. But it is two separate lines. 1 and 2.
Any know if a Petition on Nondisclosure would work. I am seriously just stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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