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Mark Ethridge Woodward
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My Form 4 application for a Surefire SOCOM 762-RC2 was “still pending on 11/21/2019 per Dafney @ BATFE when I called inquiring about the status.

Today I get a text from my dealer saying that the approved application & stamp for the SOCOM arrived yesterday & that I could pick it up.

So, here are the numbers:
Application sent: 2/12/2019 – Day 0
Check cashed: 3/8/2019 – Day 24
Form 4 approved: 12/2/2019 – Day 293
Can in hand: 12/15/2019 – Day 306

A wait time of 83.84% of 2019

Or, in plain english, 10 months, 3 days which beat the hell out of my previous approval of 10 months, 17 days!!!

I think I’m done with purchasing suppressors until BATFE can do Form 4 approvals in the same amount of time as Efiled Form 1’s. It’s ridiculous to have to pay up front & then wait almost a year (or more) for the item to be approved. And NO, I DO NOT WANT TO BUILD MY OWN on a Form 1. I’ve got better things to do.

To date I’ve acquired the following:
Gemtech Outback II .22
Sig SRD9 9mm
Sig SRD556 5.56mm
Yankee Hill Machine Phantom LT .30 Cal.
Surefire SOCOM 762-RC2 .30 Cal.

Good luck to everyone still waiting to get approved. This to shall pass…

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