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Entirely agree. How about this… Maybe we can all agree that if you do call, try to be kind to the ATF rather than jerks. They’re not the ones in charge. They are simply an agency enforcing a set of regulations. My experience with them is that, generally speaking, the people approving the forms don’t want yours to be held up, lost, or forgotten. I have worked within paper forms and the eForm system, and I’ve had a lot of forms processed. The people within the eForm system are actually very pleasant to deal with, and I’ve never felt a need to call the ATF on a paper form 4 once it’s been cashed. I’d call if I saw that it was running a late, and there’s plenty of resource out there to know when that is. My experience is that the ATF really doesn’t want the system to be backed up so badly. They’re working with what little they’ve got and even made a recent attempt to expedite forms more quickly. Also, if they screw up one of your forms or it doesn’t get mailed, the high likelihood is that they aren’t doing this purposefully or with malice so it’s in bad judgement to assign malice to a likely clerical error.

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