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There you go… doing the gun community another favor by showing that gun owners are so dumb as to call people ‘fucking retards.’ When people say, “we’re our own worst enemies in the gun community,” remember.. they’re referring to you. When gun legislation further limits our right to bear arms, remember that you’ve played a critical role in that bill’s success by exacerbating the perception that gun owners are unintelligent. Thank you once again.

Did I say I was complaining about people just calling to ensure everything is in order or even when they hit a point that’s clearly late? I’m talking specifically about people who call incessantly and for no reason except to ask whether they can open their Christmas present early. After your initial call to ensure they got everything (which, generally speaking, if they cashed your check, it means they specifically matched it up with your application), you should call them only if it’s late. I see far too many people chiming in all over the place saying, “it’s been 60 days, I called and they said it’s still pending.” That’s an absolutely unnecessary call.

It sounds like I’m talking to a child right now, though. Do you have any more solid insults besides calling someone a retard or fudd?

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