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Seems reasonable, Mr. ‘Anyone who disagrees with me is a fudd’. You go ahead and call them every day/week until your heart is content because the system that you signed up for does exactly what it’s always been doing. Once that check gets cashed, my suggestion would be to call every 3-4 days, actually. I’ll bet they’ll have a change of heart because you ‘think the system is bullshit’ (btw, everyone here agrees with that). Can you play a ‘golf clap’ sound byte after you call them the next time? I mean, you’re really doing yourself and all of us a favor by complaining to the ATF or calling before the average wait time is achieved. I actually feel like justice is done every time I see someone indicate they’ve called at the 4mo mark, were told it was pending, then they complained that the system is bullshit. That doesn’t seem childish at all. No, it seems like a mature approach to the system you voluntarily signed up for.

Maybe the real reason you are getting upset here is you’re trying to defend your juvenile actions of calling them up incessantly. Maybe you’re just trying to justify your actions because of your inherent, perceived injustice of the system.

I actually don’t know of any expert outfit out there that suggests you call before the average time is up. Capital armory doesn’t, Silencershop doesn’t. I wonder why they don’t suggest that… They must be Fudds too.

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