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Imagine a world where the only calls the ATF got were actually valid and not, “hey I’m approaching the normal wait time is mine approved yet??? is it yet?? is it yet??”… a world where that poorly run department doesn’t have to sift through 1000+ daily calls asking the same questions… a world where you call them when your application was actually held up and they might actually transfer you to your examiner… you’re right though, it seems perfectly valid to call and check the status when all they’re going to tell you is, “it’s pending please call back in a few months.” That doesn’t seem like a waste of your time or the ATF’s. On the flip side, you could just wait and they’ll, 95% of the time, get you through in the normal wait time unless you fudged something on your app, omitted something on your app, or have arrests that could potentially prompt denials.

I apologize if I’ve been a bit terse in my responses. However, the ATF literally released an amazing program to expedite correctly filled out apps (F4 individual) without the above issues, and it was taken away because of all the ridiculous calls and complaints about the process. They literally tried something that was unheard of in the NFA process and it got taken away because of people who were simply envious of someone who got through faster. But hey, let’s just keep poking the bear because it seems to help a lot.

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