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Right, because you know full well the approval time is 8-10 months and you definitely need to call them over and over before it’s actually late and ask “are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” That’s the same mentality of the person who complains that others got through faster than you and gets an expedited system removed because ‘it’s not fair.’ The process is the process and you should know that before you actually spend the money. “Hey everyone, I signed up for an 8-10 month process for a suppressor… but I’m still going to complain the whole time and call the ATF hotline just to hear Doris inform me that it’s ‘pending’ every single time and to call back in a few months.” There’s a reason you basically cannot get to your examiner now: it’s because people whose applications were not actually late kept calling and trying to speak to their examiner. So, now they just give you the front desk, and make a policy for Doris to tell you it’s ‘pending’ each time because those types of calls are a waste of their time and your time. Also, and just a little FYI here… You know the reason we still can have suppressors? The NFA. You know what would have happened if we didn’t have suppressors on the NFA? They’d have been banned completely long ago after a few were used in high profile shootings. So, just get over it and if your application is actually getting rather late, that’s when you call.

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