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I haven’t been able to make that phone call yet. Day 316 with no news.

Believe me, you should call just to check if it is in “Pending” status. I waited 7 months to check and the LGS didn’t even submit my Form 4 and lost my checks. Re-submitted my checks and forms, myself. Result, 2 years later received my SBR and Hybrid 46!!!

Well here it goes. I should’ve called when I first mentioned it. I made the phone call early this afternoon, told the person my info and it was approved on Oct 5. I told the guy I did not receive a phone call from the dealer and he told me what I needed to do if they didn’t receive the stamp. Said have a nice day and the call was over within a minute. Called the dealer next and sure enough my stamp was waiting for me. Apparently a voicemail either decided not to work or I inadvertently deleted it. I have no reason to doubt the dealer did not call. They do not benefit by holding onto the suppressor for an extended period of time. I just wish they would’ve attempted another call. Today was day 340. It was actually ready for pickup on day 306. Lesson learned. So for me it was…

Purchased 12-27-18
Check cashed 2-5-19
Approved 10-5-19
Ready for pick up 10-19-19

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