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Sig SRD762Ti QD Tax Stamp Check was cashed on 9/18/18, still waiting. October 25th, 2019 will be 400 days. Called the ATF and she said today, wait 2 more weeks, you have hit the required waiting period, approval will come shortly. First Sig Suppressor I bought back in May of 2017 that finally arrived back in February 2018 was defective, sent that one back to Sig and they replaced it with an upgraded SRD762 Titanium QD. Replacement was quick. Good Customer Service. Sent the defective one back to Sig. But when you change the serial number its another year of waiting. No getting around it. This odyssey began in May of 2017, when I bought my first suppressor. So by the time I get my suppressor it will be 2.75 years. Long wait. I know there are probably guys out there, with longer waits than mine. Love to hear your stories. Mine is a tad bit unusual.

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