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Surefire SOCOM 556 RC2 Purchased – A few days prior to Gov’t shutdown in December 2018
Check Cashed – 1/11/19
Approved – 9/11/19
Received at Dealer – 9/17/19

8 months exactly from time of check cashed. My dealer also shed some light on some of the overly speedy approvals that they’ve seen. Apparently the ATF screwed up a handful of their forms from back in 2017 (as in, ATF gave incorrect information on how to process a change in FFL # for outstanding form 4’s). Dealer (according to them) followed it exactly, ATF nearly denied all of the forms that hit that cutoff. After a bunch of back and forth between the ATF and my dealer, the ATF pushed through a bundle of their Form 4 individuals, mine included. Some of which were cashed 4 weeks prior to approval. There may be other dealers who had similar occurrences.

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