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I had an interesting experience yesterday with my registered HK trigger pack. I called and was told it was disapproved the day before. I asked to speak with the examiner to get clarification. Trish called me back and said it was a non-transferable machine gun. The original Form 4 was submitted in April of 1986 and received at the ATF branch on 5-8-86. I was told that the machine gun had to be approved BEFORE the May 19 cutoff in order to still be transferable. I have a copy of the original form 4 with an approved stamp. Trish, the examiner, was very helpful and said there was a misunderstanding and lifted the restriction. All I have to do now is send a new form to her attention and she will get it processed. Check was cashed on 1-3 and I should have the stamp back at the end of the month or so. I normally believe that calling for a status update doesn’t do anything but in this case they halted the refund and helped me out.

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