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amishT, thanks for your post. I have several suppressors in the system right now throught SS. They are all approaching the 300 day mark. After reading your post I realized that only one of my docusign forms have the written out signature. The rest have the generic commercial font for a signature. All signed by the same transfer. The dealer transfers high volumes of suppressors every year. So I called him and he said that 50% are coming back approved, 25% are coming back for correslctions and the last 25% are flat out denied all due to the same thing. It appears to be a crap shoot with who you get to review and approve. Anyway, he said he spoke to SS and they said they are reaching out to NFA branch to hopefully get this fixed. They put a 2 week timeline on it for a response. That day is tomorrow. This dealer said he has a list if 32 persons with this error on their paperwork and will call each person directly once he gets a final response. He also said that SS said there are thousands of people with this issue. This is clear flaw in the system where the final decision is basically subjective over something trivial. If there was anything to contact your rep over, this might be it. Anyway thanks for putting the word out and sorry you got hit with that 25%. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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