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There is actually a link to this site directly under Silencershop’s graph. Since people using this site only report calendar days I don’t believe that Silencershop would be using a business day count (although that seems like a reasonable explanation kc7pwx). I also remember someone posting that Silencershop bought this site. If that’s true, then the discrepancy would be even more egregious. Like Diezel504 I think many people considering a suppressor would think very differently about a 175 day wait than a 275 day wait.

On a slightly different topic…you can tell from my previous posts that I’m bothered by the most recent day counts. While I still think it could be the result of someone accidentally knocking over a stack of applications and shuffling them as they were picked up, it might be something a bit more sinister (just a little). If I were an examiner getting shit about the average wait time growing too large, I might consider approving a handful of very recent applications. The 3 month wait time was around 308 days before the recent spate of low counts. When you add a 62 day and a few 80 and 90 day counts into the mix the average drops radically. That is why it is now 274 days. Of course it’s only bothersome because it gets my hopes up. It suggests that at 287 days I’m right on the edge of getting my stamp when I probably have another month before I get to the real average (when you take away the recent anomalies).

In all fairness I know that the real problem is that I’m getting very impatient. This happens to me every time I get close to the average day count. Waiting one more month shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is!

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