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I think Bad Mojo that you have indeed won the ATF lottery! I wonder if Morphy’s (is this a gun shop?) has someone on the inside helping out. It would be interesting to know if anyone else who participated in your auction had similar luck. I am happy for you. Enjoy it!

This does fly in the face of everything I’ve been told about the process (see earlier post on page 58 if you are interested). While waiting for my last can they seemed much more forthcoming about answering questions. I called for the first time last week on this can (I am at 285 days) and the person didn’t want to answer any. I have to stick with my theory about someone knocking over the stack of applications so they got shuffled. The resulting new averages on the tracker are pretty meaningless. I suspect the real wait time is still around 300 days (on apps that aren’t flagged because of errors or something else). But these new data points have us all scratching our heads.

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