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"I’m just a guy with a reasonable right to a minimum of privacy without being tracked and monitored by Jeff Bezos, the NSA, the Biden Campaign or Disney World" Mr. Fletcher, as a tech sector guy myself, I find irony in your statements about "reasonable right to privacy" and "without being tracked" while voluntarily posting them and other statements, such as being 73 years old and being in Texas, on a public forum. A public form that required you to create...

My friend Michael, We live in different worlds. My home is called Reality. Some others live in Fantasy where some new gun restrictions will bring an end to violent crime and everything will be free. Robert Heinlein used the term "TANSTAAFL" back in the 1950's and it still holds true. Be safe...

It amazes me the so called pro 2AM people that will support and sell hats, T-shirts and bumper stickers for someone that has restricted their rights and is looking at doing more of it. ...

Your post had me concerned so I checked my application and the FFL had his signature on it so hopefully I am in the clear!! At least you got a couple of cans to work with!! The wait on the 1st one is dreadful!!...

Yes like people said above my original form was delayed due to the rule change. SS could no longer sign for the dealer/transferor. When the dealer signed in box 9 they said it was invalid because a commercial typed font was used instead of a written signature, since they cannot tell who signed it they are now marking them as disapproval. My examiner was Carol, she was very nice and said unfortunately due to new guidelines from her boss they...

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Bowers VERS 458

The Bowers Group Vers 458 is our purpose-built .458 SOCOM silencer, rated for fully automatic fire. We’re making this for people who need a can capable of taking the pounding from a full auto .458 firing supersonic rounds, but who don’t need the bore size of a Vers 50. It is rated to pass .460 diameter bullets and for velocities up to 2650 Feet Per Second, making it suitable for rounds like the .45 Raptor using 230 grain and...


GEMTECH's new GM-45 suppressor utilizes our patented G-Core technology. The G-Core design is exceptionally user friendly and allows the user to clean the entire unit. The GM-45 is shipped with the standard .578-28 piston with other several options available.

  • Wet Sound Reduction: 32-35 dB
  • Sound Reduction: 21-23 dB
  • Caliber Rating: 45ACP, 9mm, 10mm (dry only), 40S&W (dry only), 300BLK (subsonic only)
  • Full Auto Rated
  • Length: 6.2" (without mount)
  • Diameter: 1.375"
  • Weight: 5.5 oz. (without mount)
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Tube Finish:...


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  • Thunder Beast 338 Ultra
    I initially wanted to get the Surefire can, however after waiting for over 3 months I decided to get the...
  • AAC 762-SD
    This was my first can several years ago when AAC was still AAC and she still to this day quite...
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    Background story, my wife and I finally got elk tags so I needed a larger caliber gun. She's a very...
    I don't even know where to begin with this place. They are the absolute best when it comes to selection,...

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