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    I’m bringing this up because I have yet to find a topic that mentions it and I believe it is worth the attention. For those that haven’t heard of it, there is a bill in Congress right now with lots of momentum and support from both democrats and republicans. Not just in the anti 2nd Amendment states but also on a federal level! Guys this bill is dangerous it’s called H.R.3999 and it is so vaguely written that it will open the door to banning anything from a bumpstock to a reduced weight trigger spring In all of our semi automatic rifles. That geissle trigger you love so much will become a felony to own! Anything that can increase the rate of fire in a semiautomatic rifle will be a felony to own! No grandfathering, no pre ban leeway. This is very serious and we need to band together to stop this bill immediately! Time to get up off our asses and do something bout it, call your representatives please. This bill will open up the doors to much much more and it is NOT OK and we simply can’t stand by and let this happen to our rights.

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    What in your opinion, is the rate of fire in rounds per minute, of ANY semi-automatic weapon?

    The answer is a very dangerous place to go if this bill passes.
    Think about it. It can be one rpm or one hundred rpm. It cannot be quantified as could a fully automatic weapon. The variable is the shooters trigger finger not a mechanical action. Devices that allow faster semi-auto fire like bump stocks and binary triggers still rely 100 percent on the shooter. The answer is, there is NO rate of fire on ANY semi-automatic weapon. This bill is bullshit, a door opening towards a gun grab. Nothing more.

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