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Talked to BATF today about status of a Form 4 Trust suppressor. Submit 7-7 Check cashed 7-22. Was told that submit date is meaningless, nothing starts until they get the notice back from the bank. So mine was started July 22. I also asked if there was a control number assigned and she said yes and gave me the number. The last five numbers are 997XX so if everyone could add their control number when they post we may be able to get some idea on how fast and possible other info from the control numbers that are being approved now. So anyone that knows what their control number is please post it. Oh, by the way, the woman that answered the phone also said that they were working on first week of July and it was going extremely slow because they basically were overwhelmed with applications prior to 41F going into effect.

ATF states that 300,000+ applications were received just before the deadline. Check cashed here on 7/25. So, I would think I have about 2 more months.

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