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As if the current delay in approvals isn’t enough, when you call (304) 616-4500 to get a status the current message states that current approvals are taking 8 months. I have a Form 4 status submitted on July 1 by SilencerShop, it appears that the pending date is July 12, so I’m over 9 months at this point. If anyone would like to call and get status, remember to have the serial number of the suppressor, this is what they ask you for first, as well as the name of the place that sold it and the name of the trust or individual.

That being said, has anyone taken the trouble to contact their state’s senators and congressperson to let them know about your experience with the current delays? I just did and also asked them to support the hearing protection act. By the way, the first time the hearing protection act was filed for consideration it expired. It apparently was refiled this past January 2017 which means no potential refund of the tax stamp for any purchases made before January 2017. Thus, with the current track record, if this years filing of the hearing protection act is also allowed to pass the act will have to be refiled again, at which point any potential refund of the $200 tax stamp will start the clock after that point while wiping out the potential list of those eligible to receive the refund from the previous filing.

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