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Well… I posted 2 months and 2 weeks ago estimating the predicted date for my application approval based on my control number 2016327xxxx. The estimated date based on 1000 approvals a month estimated sometime near April 2 to 3 for approval. Well… it’s April 22, and it looks like 2016322xxx just got approved 2 days ago.

What I realize is that wait times have been increasing steadily over the course of the year and I didn’t run an algorithm for the percentage of increase per month… but instead just used average # processed. My oversight. So…. with the ATF reorganization… and steadily increased time for processing apps, looks like almost another month has been added to the wait time. Totally ridiculous…. that’s a 50% increase in the remaining time predicted. If they are working to “speed up” processing time, they are failing miserably. That being said, mine submission should be approved next week, or the week after at the latest.

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