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Okay how do you know this?

I have had to correct errors on forms 3 times. The first was on 2 paper form 1’s submitted at the same time where I had left out the word “Living” from my trust name. I had checked and double checked the forms, but since I had filled out my trust name the same on both, I didn’t catch it. I actually got a phone call from the examiner explaining how to correct the error, so now I have 2 form 1’s with an ink line through the Trust name and the correct Trust name hand written above it.

The second was a Form 1 when I had tried to include multiple calibers (as I had done successfully in the past) on an AR SBR Lower. I had to pick a caliber and send in a letter after approval for any additional caliber changes.

The third was a Form 1 where I had forgotten to include a Schedule B which listed my beneficiaries. I mailed it in and received the approval within about a week or 10 days.

I recognize that things are a bit different these days with the backlog and procedures for the examiners have also changed. These days, they don’t appear to be batch processing multiple forms from the same individual or entity but rather taking each submitted form an independently examining them, so YMMV. I once submitted​ multiple paper forms, and both were approved the same day. When eFiling was first available, I submitted two Form 1’s for SBR’s and 3 months later eFiled another Form 1 for an SBR. All three stamps were approved the same day, with the last Form being approved in about 30 days.

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