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I’m doing a Two-Stamp Gun (DeLisle Carbine) on a Paper Form One Trust. Submitted 20 June 16, Not sure when they processed the Cashiers’s Check I sent.
Got a call on 27 October from ATF wondering what I was trying to make, examiner said “We don”t know what this is”. I sent prints and a historical blurb the next week. I asked the examiner how much longer it would take, and she stated “A month or two at this point”. That would have been Christmas.
We are now past Mid-March, and it appears that I will beat the Ten Month Mark. At this point, I have to look at it another way – maybe I’ll set the record for longest approval. A year, perhaps ???
Also have a very straightforward SBR Form 1 out there sent at the same time, and have heard nothing about that one either. What could they possibly be doing ?

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