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Welcome to NFA Tracker, a website dedicated to tracking and reporting NFA Form 1 and Form 4 transfer times as reported by users.
You can start an account to add your data by clicking 'User Home' above. To get the status of your transfer, call the ATF's NFA Branch at 304 616-4500
NFA Item TypeDescriptionDescriptionDealers InitialStateNFA Item OriginTransfereeTypeE-FiledPurchaseManufacturer->Out Of State DealerTransfer To DealerForms SentForms ArrivedCheck CashedPending2nd PendingApprovedStamp ReceivedExaminer Name
SBRNoveske 8.2 PdNoveske 8.2 PdJNCForm 3 To DealerF4 TrustNoNov 26, 2012Apr 10, 2013May 06, 2013May 21, 2013May 24, 2013May 30, 2013Jul 16, 2013 Mar 17, 2014Mar 24, 2014Mr. James Scott Robertson
SuppressorPilotPilotP Dealer Had In StockF4 TrustNoApr 21, 2007  Apr 25, 2007Apr 27, 2007May 04, 2007  May 07, 2007May 15, 2007Mr. James Scott Robertson
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