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I just thought of a way that we could get this whole process speeded up. Write, call, e-mail, tweet or in any other way possible contact your congressman and get them moving on HR 367, the Hearing Protection Act of 2017. If that becomes law, all of those suppressor form 4s would come out of the pile and they could work on the SBR, SBS, and Machine Gun transfers. Looking at the suppressor form 4s reported on...

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Sub:6/9/16 Approved: Not yet #27369X SBR in Ohio Still waiting, almost seems like the day will never get here. Trend was looking good at 185 days but then the bottom dropped out :( ...

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Come on everyone post up your approval info so the rest of us can see where we stand and thanks to all that have contributed to this thread!...

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why would people not post their control number? ...

Trust Pending May 3, 16 Approved December 29 To the dealer January 11, 2017 Just like having a baby..............9 months. Now for the June ones. ...

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Innovative Arms Grunt 556

The Grunt® is compact and lightweight. The patented one piece core is machined from billet bar stock and has no internal welds. The GRUNT is direct-thread on in 1/2 x 28 and is full auto rated on barrels down to 10″. It also features wrench flats that allow easy pin and weld for short barrels and is available in Black, OD Green or Flat Dark Earth. For the most compact size check out the GRUNT-M (mini). Caliber: 5.56mm Weight: 17.5oz Length: 6.25” O.D: 1.5″ Material: Stainless...

YHM Nitro
YHM Nitro

The Nitro 30 is YHM’s answer to the demands of today’s suppressor community, and elevates the bar for today’s modular suppressors. YHM has listened closely to the wants and needs of both professional operators and suppressor enthusiasts on the firing range. YHM’s NITRO achieves mission specific modularity by providing the operator with muzzle cap and rear cap options. The NITRO is full-auto rated and will accommodate 300 ultra mag to .17hmr. It comes with two different .30 Cal muzzle caps. The flat...


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    Mark is a great guy very friendly and  easy to deal with and  more than happy to get you any...
    I have been dealing with the owner Kevin of TAC OPS INC. for about 6yrs now. Kevin is a great...

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