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Submitted: Form 1 – SBR – Trust – Efile 5/14/2016 Approved: 11/10/2016 ...

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UPDATE: Check cashed 3/29/16 approved 11/12/16 Stamped received/picked up:12/2/16 "248 days total" Finally, Omega 9K out of jail...

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UPDATE: Check cashed 3/29/16 approved 11/12/16 Stamped received/picked up:12/2/16 "248 days total" Finally, Omega 9K out of jail...

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Devildoc what roughly was your permit number? Hot off the presses from the atf: anticipate an 8-month processing time for an eForm 1 based on the date of submission of the form due to submission volume. The form will not be assigned or reviewed until reached in the queue and, if contact is necessary, the examiner will contact you then. The status will remain as submitted/in process until final action is taken. When processed, you should receive...

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SBR Form 1 Trust E-Filed 05/21/2016 approved 12/02/1016...

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Innovative Arms Grunt 556

The Grunt® is compact and lightweight. The patented one piece core is machined from billet bar stock and has no internal welds. The GRUNT is direct-thread on in 1/2 x 28 and is full auto rated on barrels down to 10″. It also features wrench flats that allow easy pin and weld for short barrels and is available in Black, OD Green or Flat Dark Earth. For the most compact size check out the GRUNT-M (mini). Caliber: 5.56mm Weight: 17.5oz Length: 6.25” O.D: 1.5″ Material: Stainless Steel Finish: Black, OD Green or Brushed Stainless TPI: 1/2 x 28 DB Reduction: 32-35 Dry FULL AUTO RATED

YHM Nitro
YHM Nitro

The Nitro 30 is YHM’s answer to the demands of today’s suppressor community, and elevates the bar for today’s modular suppressors.

YHM has listened closely to the wants and needs of both professional operators and suppressor enthusiasts on the firing range. YHM’s NITRO achieves mission specific modularity by providing the operator with muzzle cap and rear cap options. The NITRO is full-auto rated and will accommodate 300 ultra mag to .17hmr. It comes with two different .30 Cal muzzle caps. The flat muzzle cap is geared towards the tactical user while the muzzle brake cap is geared towards the target shooter. The NITRO also comes with two different rear caps. The Quick Disconnect rear cap is great for rapid switching between multiple platforms while the 5/8-24 direct thread-on rear cap is for a more dedicated set-up. What makes the Nitro stand out among the rest of modern sound suppression systems is it’s modular design. This system can be custom tailored to suit your individual needs, along with your specific mission requirements. Also available separately is a flat muzzle cap and a direct thread-on rear cap (1/2-28) for 5.56 mm use. The 5.56 mm rear cap is part number YHM-2025-28 and the 5.56mm muzzle cap is YHM-2015-556. YHM is known for uncompromising reliability and durability. The NITRO continues this tradition by offering full-auto capability and our lifetime warranty in a modular, multi-caliber suppressor. Included in the Suppressor System Kit is: The welded suppressor body Two .30cal muzzle caps & Two rear caps One muzzle brake, your choice of thread pitches ( 5/8-24, 1/2-28, 1/2-36) One Basofil heat resistant pouch One Carry case to hold all of the parts. Two assembly wrenches
Weight:                      18.2oz / 20.2 oz Diameter:                         1.562”in Length:                         6.93”/7.75”in Construction:                 17-4 Ph SS Direct Thread:                   5/8-24 Decibel Rating:                135 dB


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  • Griffin Armament Recce 7 Mod 3
    Great Suppressor , reduces sound tremendously, great looking and taper mounts work as expected. I would highly recommend....
    A very versatile can rated at 32 dB reduction and up 300 WinMag. At 16.3 ozs it is a mid-weight...
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    I called every NFA dealer in WA looking for a 30 caliber suppressor during the last week of June 2016...
    Great people. Great prices. SS knows how to innovate. Buy with confidence....

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